Metadata Management

All the metadata from your data warehouse, ETL, and business intelligence tool in one place

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When I get a question about something I didn’t work on, I have to go find the query they are asking about, and look for the tables and columns it queries, which alone may take 20 to 30 minutes. With Select Star, I can instantly find them without needing to ask anyone.

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Noah Shpak
ML Engineer at Bowery Farming


Empower decentralized data ownership in your organization

Establish a data portal where data producers, domain experts, and data consumers can be all on the same page.


Migrate any data model in confidence

Find out which dashboards may break and who may get impacted if you change the data, down to the column level.


Debug any data issue quickly

Whenever business stakeholders ask why the number looks off, quickly find the dbt model and the source table freshness.

Unlock the full context of your data

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