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Select Star automatically catalogs & documents your database tables and BI dashboards. You can find out where your data is coming from, which dashboards are built on top of it, who is using the data, and how they are using it.

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Organize and govern your data

Easily find, tag, and add documentation to your data so everyone can find the right dataset for their use case.

Understand the impact of the column changes

Select Star automatically detects and displays your column-level data lineage. You can now trust the data, knowing where it came from.

Capture the tribal knowledge in data

Select Star automatically surfaces how your company uses data. That means you can identify relevant data fields without needing to ask someone else.

Maintain data security & governance

Select Star treats your data with AICPA SOC 2 Security, Confidentiality, and Availability standards, making sure your data is always safe and sound.

One-click Integrations

Find the upstream table in BigQuery that Looker dashboard depends on
Sync DBT docs with Snowflake
Migrate from AWS Redshift to Snowflake
Find all the Mode reports that will break if the table changes

What Our Customers Say

“Select Star provides everything we need for a data catalog, and it’s crystal clear & easy to use for our users.”

Irina Ashurova
Director of Data Development

“With Select Star, we define our single source of truth for data, and have everyone to use it as the main go-to reference for data questions.”

Derek Racine
Data Science Manager

“We can finally set up our data mart and build our data governance strategy, because of Select Star.”

Zdeněk Hejnak
Sr. BI Engineer

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