Data Governance

Automated data governance for ever-changing business

data governance
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We govern our data with Select Star at Livesport. It clearly shows how our current data models look like, who’s using what, and what needs to be remodeled or classified.

Zdeněk Hejnak
Zdeněk Hejnak
Sr. BI Engineer at Livesport


Easily identify and organize your data

Filter and tag tables or columns in bulk based on its type, keyword, popularity, recency, ownership, and more.


Get visibility into where your sensitive data

Use column lineage to find out exactly where the data is going to. Propagate PII tags to the downstream columns where it’s being used as is.


Understand who’s using what

Link your business KPI metrics with the underlying dashboards, data models, measures and dimensions, so everyone can understand how your KPI was calculated.

Unlock the full context of your data

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