Select Star vs Secoda

Select Star provides you the accuracy and scale you need for your AI-driven workflows.

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Popularity Analysis
For all integrations, based on 90 days of history
For limited integrations, based on 24 hrs of history
Column-Level Lineage
Available for all integrations
Limited to selected integrations
Entity-Relationship Diagrams
Automated based on query logs and PK/FKs
Only for PK/FKs defined in the source system
dbt Docs Sync
dbt Impact Analysis
In-app + Github CI integration
In-app only
Snowflake Cost Analysis
User Pricing
Transparent & flexible pricing

View Pricing
Priced per customer, according to what you’re willing to pay

The Select Star Difference

Quick time to insights
Complete metadata activation within 24 hours
Best-in-class data lineage
End-to-end, complete, and accurate data lineage that scales
Metadata activation
Analyzed metadata available for users, applications, and GenAI to use

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