AI-Powered Data Governance

Streamline your data integrity, data quality, and access control operations with Select Star.

Designed for CoE Teams & Data Stewards

The future of data governance is adaptive to business domain context. Select Star's approach to implementing data governance is designed for hybrid, decentralized data governance teams who want more flexibility in their data management.

Automated Data Privacy Management

Streamline your data privacy workflows with Select Star's automated tagging rules and tag propagation. Establish permission policies by utilizing both user roles and object attributes on your data catalog.

Data Quality and Integrity Management

Use Select Star's native metadata analysis and AI to easily understand and identify areas for improvement in your organization's data consumption today. Build a single source of truth with Select Star's automated data catalog, lineage, and documentation for everyone to use.

The Select Star Difference

Quick time to insights
Complete metadata activation within 24 hours
Best-in-class data lineage
End-to-end, complete, and accurate data lineage that scales
Metadata activation
Analyzed metadata available for users, applications, and GenAI to use

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