AI-Powered Data Democratization

Unlock your team's potential with an easy-to-use, complete and trusted single source of truth.

Automated Data Documentation

Select Star keeps your data catalog up-to-date. It automatically enriches it with the context of what it's about, where it came from, and who's using it in the organization.

Data Popularity Tracking

Less than 15% of your data is being used - do you know which ones? Get a bird's-eye view on where the data is being utilized vs. not, and who the main consumers are.

Single Source of Truth

Select Star is an effective single source of truth documentation for data models, business processes, SQL or dashboard examples. It is also a collaboration portal for your data producers, data stewards, and your domain stakeholders.

The Select Star Difference

Quick time to insights
Complete metadata activation within 24 hours
Best-in-class data lineage
End-to-end, complete, and accurate data lineage that scales
Metadata activation
Analyzed metadata available for users, applications, and GenAI to use

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