Entity-Relationship Diagrams

Get a comprehensive understanding of your data models from all SQL queries and joins made in the past.

Hours saved for data engineering teams per year

Faster debugging by quickly pinpointing root causes

Decrease in resources required to add new data sources

Understand how your data is being used together

Accurate Data Model
based on explicitly defined indexes and latest query patterns
Discover Join Keys
and all other datasets that are being used together
Validate Data Model
based on historical query patterns of your data

Select Star's auto-generated database ERDs (Entity Relationship Diagrams) are inferred from SQL queries & joins, in addition to existing primary and foreign keys from the database.

Discover what tables and fields to join for a query without depending on tribal knowledge.

Why Select Star ERD?

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The only solution that generates ERD automatically in the market
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Adaptive to different data warehouses, even without strict key constraints
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Includes both explicitly defined indexes as well as actual join practices
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