Data Migration Accelerated

Take the guesswork out of your data migration process and accelerate your time to value.

Run a Data Model Audit

With Select Star's metadata analysis, you can run a comprehensive audit of your data model. Discover the most frequently used models, as well as what you may not need to migrate.

Build your Migration Plan

Select Star's automated column-level lineage can help you discover shared dependencies to map priorities based on downstream impact.

Remodel Data with Confidence

Need to remodel your data? Leverage Select Star's automated data lineage to maintain consistency and accuracy in your BI dashboards.

The Select Star Difference

Quick time to insights
Complete metadata activation within 24 hours
Best-in-class data lineage
End-to-end, complete, and accurate data lineage that scales
Metadata activation
Analyzed metadata available for users, applications, and GenAI to use

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