Automated Data Lineage

Understand data flows, identify data quality issues, and see downstream impacts with Select Star's data lineage.

Hours saved for data engineering teams per year

Faster debugging by quickly pinpointing root causes

Decrease in resources required to add new data sources

Column-level Lineage

With Select Star's lineage, you can automatically keep track of the data models, BI dashboards, and their provenance all the way to the source systems.

Lineage-powered Applications

Powered by lineage, Select Star automates data ops tasks including propagating PII classification tags, notifying users, analyzing data migration, and more.

Workflow Integration

Use Select Star's GitHub Actions App to prevent data breakage before it happens, rather than fixing it afterward.

Why Select Star Lineage?

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Automated cross-platform column-level lineage
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Extensive integrations supporting all major BI tools
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Intuitive user experience for data mesh & data fabric architecture
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Various lineage applications & workflows available
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Proven accuracy and scale for millions of assets
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Turn your metadata into real insights