Fine-grained Access Control

Easily adjust your data views based on user roles and asset types.

Automate PII tagging
Streamline your data privacy workflows with Select Star's automated tagging rules and tag propagation.
Mask PII values
Any PII-tagged data gets automatically masked where they might be present in Select Star.
Uplevel your Governance
Easily set minimal permission policies, utilizing both user roles and object attributes.

Policy-based Access Control

RBAC or ABAC? Choose both. Select Star allows data admins to selectively share data asset view and edit permissions based on user roles, teams, and the object attributes, like its classification tags.

Tag Automation

Select Star simplifies tag management with automated tagging rules and tag propagation. Tags can also be synched back to source platforms easily.

Why Select Star for Access Control?

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Light-weight, fast metadata scanning & updates
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Up-to-date metadata tagging and documentation
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No data accessed, only metadata and query logs
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Enterprise-ready security
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