AI that Understands Your Data

Select Star's Ask AI uses Select Star's active metadata, providing highly accurate results for any data questions in your organization.

Hours saved for data engineering teams per year

Faster debugging by quickly pinpointing root causes

Decrease in resources required to add new data sources

Data Questions Answered

Select Star's AI chatbot can answer your data questions with high accuracy, empowering you & everyone to confidently explore and navigate your data landscape.

Powered by Your Existing Analysis

Select Star AI is powered by Select Star metadata embedding, which actively uses data popularity, lineage, and SQL query history from your data teams.

Automated Data Documentation

Have Select Star's AI to draft all your data documentation for you with its extensive metadata context.

Why Select Star AI?

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Highest accuracy in answering data questions
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No data accessed, only metadata and query logs
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Slack channel integrations for broader support
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Turn your metadata into real insights